Friday, 6 September 2013

Kitty in New York!

Vivien of Holloway has been spotted in some exciting places recently. Here's Vivien herself wearing the gorgeous new Kitty Day Dress in the Waldorf Astoria, New York. The Kitty Day Dress is fabulous because it's so wearable - it's light, comfortable and flattering. We're really excited to show you our new Kitty prints but more on those soon.

We've even been to Disneyland! In this adorable engagement photo, Lisa Marie Rowe wears a Polka Dot Halterneck Circle Dress. We're so pleased to be part of such a special moment and wish the couple congratulations.

Keep your eyes peeled!

We're about to welcome another run of 1950's Jeans
with an additional 4 new colours.
More Rio Tops have arrived in new prints.
We think you'll love the new contrast bust.

Look out for our limited run of Black & White Genuine
Pluko® Hair Dressing Pomade
Don't let your 'do let you down!
Caught in the 'in-between seasons' weather?
New Astrid will keep you cool but cosy
in delicious prints.

Happy shopping, ladies!
Vivien of Holloway