Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pencil Sharp

It's not all about big skirts at Vivien of Holloway. While we are obviously very fond of our full circles, sometimes a girl needs a bit of extra wiggle in her walk and there's one easy way to achieve it. You just need one of our patented Halterneck Pencil Dresses!

Whether you're a fan of prints or more of a plain colour-loving lady, we've got a style that's sure to please. Above, we have our classic white/blue rose print and the cheeky navy cherry print. These fabrics look exactly like those you'd find on vintage dresses from the 1950s and 60s!

And below, check out our beautiful Miss Cherry in our popular red rose version next to the delightful Raven Isis looking radiant in plain red sateen. Both work equally well for day or night-time - dancing or just looking fabulous as you go about the town.

Vivien of Holloway's very own supermodel Helen looks fantastic in a turquoise sateen Halterneck Pencil Dress - the colour of a tropical sky! If you have a holiday planned, make sure you pack one of these babies and practice your hip sway. 

If you're looking for a finishing touch to your sharply tailored outfit, we would always recommend a matching, or a contrasting bolero. 

Choose plain, prints or polka dots, depending on your mood! Get a few that coordinate and then you can make multiple outfits. See, we're practical as well as glamorous here at Vivien of Holloway.

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