Thursday, 14 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Delights

'Top of the morning to you!' and other such clichéd Irish phrases are sure to be being bandied about by tourists wearing giant hats and drinking Guinness next Sunday.

The 17th March is, of course, the annual lucky clover strewn 24-hours of celebration known as St Patrick's Day - and whether you've any real Irish heritage, if nothing else for us vintage ladies it's a chance to dress in head-to-toe green in all its glorious shades.

If you fancy something in a deep emerald green, our Grace in Duchess Satin is one of our most flattering styles with its wrap top and fitted midriff. It will perfectly set off the pale skin and dark hair of any beautiful Irish colleen (and indeed work with most skin tones and hair colours)!

For something sophisticated in a lighter shade, our 1950s Halterneck Circle Dress comes in a beautifully vibrant shade that we can only describe as leprechaun. Team it with a full White Petticoat and one of our wide and fitted white belts before dancing off to kiss the Blarney Stone in patriotic celebration.

Last but not least, our 1940s Swing Trousers, made from a fabric that feels and drapes exactly like vintage, come in a gorgeous shade of olive that when paired with one of our casual Gypsy tops makes for an outfit that's chic and practical for dancing the night away at any Irish pub or party.

Whatever you're up to on Sunday, get in the spirit of the festivities with a green outfit, red lips and a healthy dose of the black stuff. By which we mean pinup girl liquid eyeliner, of course!

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