Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Blue jean baby...

Miss Cherry On Fire in V.o.H 1950's Red Jeans
Grace Kelly
Anna Fur Laxis in V.o.H 1950's Black Jeans
For nearly a century and a half, denim jeans have been a firm favourite  amongst workmen and women, and certainly throughout the 40's and 50's jeans became a staple in every bright young thing's wardrobe.

With this in mind, and with a countless number of rock 'n' roll and film icons paving the way for the use of denim as an everyday item -ideal for work and play- Vivien of Holloway started work at the beginning of the year to create her own version of 1950's reproduction jeans. An idea that has been attempted by a great number of people but never exact to her specifications!

With a deep, high waistband and belt loops; side zip and rivet button fastening; 4 pockets and a gentle taper to the leg; the Vivien of Holloway 1950's jeans are a wonderful addition to the ever expanding collection.

Cleverly combining comfort and ease-of-wear with a stylistic sharp and flattering cut, it's no-wonder that they've become an instant favourite. So much so, that after the first two runs of the jeans sold out in record time, Vivien has now restocked with some wonderful new colours!

Marilyn Monroe
Jayne Mansfield
Gene Vincent sang about the "blue jean bop" and "red blue jeans and a pony-tail", so we thought it apt to incorporate these iconic 50's ladies-wear classics into the new batch of jeans.

Alongside the classic deep indigo blue and black denim, we also have a pale blue- ideal to team with a festive knit for a touch of icy, winter cool. And for something even more colourful, we have a limited run of purple denim; wonderful with a contrasting halterneck top or cosy cardigan.

Worn with socks and loafers, ballet pumps or heels, the Vivien of Holloway jeans are sure to feature heavily in your everyday wardrobe- you might need more than one pair!

All five colours can be purchased from our online store
or at our glamourous London Boutique!

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  1. I really like the look of your jeans, but being petite I like to know the inside leg length (I know they can be rolled up but I am quite short!)- is it possible to put the inside leg measurement on your website? Many thanks from a VOH fan.