Friday, 11 May 2012

Perfect cat eyes every time!

Last night, a couple of us headed into central London for a very glamorous fashion launch party dressed in our Vivien of Holloway finery! While we were there, we were introduced to some wonderful ladies from Glam Republic who were there to show us their fabulous new eyeliner appliques.

Here in the shop we meet hundreds of lovely ladies who ask for hair and make up tips from us, and so we were very excited when we heard about this new trick because we knew you ladies will just love it!

If you struggle with liquid liner and have yet to perfect your cats eye flick, then why not try 'Illusion Eyes'? Stick on these eyeliner flicks using false eyelash glue and gently stick them next to your upper lashline. You have instant and long lasting eyeliner with a gorgeous retro flick that will look fabulous when worn with your favourite VoH dress!

They are available in thin, thick and medium widths and in matte velvet or sparkly black. We tried them last night and loved how striking they looked! Head on down to Superdrug today and grab a pair for £4.99!

1 comment:

  1. These look cool- migt just do as I'm told and nip to Superdrug then!!! Thanks gals x