Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Update on Pastel Satins!

Attention brides and bridesmaids! If you are hunting for the perfect bridesmaids frock, we've now introduced a candy coloured pastel range that will look perfect on your 'maids. Mix-and-match the complimentary colours, or keep things simple with a classic one-hue look.

Click your preferred dress and ask to be notified on the size you want. If we know what you're waiting for, we can ensure that we get them cut in time for your Big Day!
Please allow us 2-3 months to produce them and to notify you that it is available to purchase.


  1. Can anyone help with where I can buy one of the parasols? Have been looking for one for my wedding in April

  2. We don't have any left at the moment, I'm afraid! We will hopefully get some before the Summer xx

  3. I really wish you would have a wider selection of colors in the plain cotton dresses collection, like all the gorgeous colors you have in your satin collection. The satin dresses are beautiful, but I find them a bit too "flashy" and styled up for everyday use, so I prefer the cotton ones. Any possibility Vivien of Holloway will make a royal blue or mint green plain cotton circle dress in the future?