Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Something for the Weekend...

We can't tell you ladies how glad we are to get our Pinafore Trousers back in stock! They've been a firm favourite with our fans for years, and understandably so, as their fit is both flattering and comfortable. We'll be wearing ours as we tuck into the turkey on Christmas Day!

From their cute over-shoulder straps that fasten onto the thick, cinching waistband, to their long rise and wide leg, we're certain that these slacks will be your new weekend favourite!

Available on the website and in the shop in blue and black denim and also in a wonderfully wintery flecked cotton. Call the shop on 0207 609 8754 and order them next day delivery to make sure you get yours before Christmas Day!

Wear with red accessories, such as a red Gypsy Top and red snood  for a fabulously festive 40s look!

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