Monday, 21 November 2011

Pinafore Perfection!

You’ll all be pleased to hear that our eagerly-awaited Pinafore Pencil Skirts are back in stock and looking better than ever! Time to start those Christmas wish lists ladies…

The fit of our Pinafore Pencil Skirts have been newly improved to give you girls the right proportions and to hug those curves to perfection! The design is similar to our classic pencil skirt but with a thicker and higher waistband to make your waist look extra tiny. The button-on braces are such a cute feature and bound to turn heads wherever you may wiggle.

Wear yours throughout the Holiday Season, with a Rio or Gypsy top for a cute Rockabilly look as you head out for a festive tipple with your girlfriends, or with a polo neck sweater and thick tights for a family lunch.

This skirt works its magic only when combined with your fabulous curves, so to get the best curve-cuddling fit possible make sure you use our sizing chart and measure yourself correctly before purchasing. Now the only thing left is to choose between our tantalising new fabrics…

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