Thursday, 6 October 2011

Makeover Magic!

Another season of Gok's Clothes Roadshow has arrived, bringing with it some more TV appearances for Vivien of Holloway!

This week, three lovely ladies from Bristol were given the special Goktreatment, and they seemed to enjoy every minute of pampering and fashion advice!
At the end of the show, Gok's three ladies were made-over with dazzling results! Thanks to a little touch of Gok's customising magic, our Royal Blue Halterneck Pencil Dress was given a delicate red trim around the sweetheart neckline, co-ordinating nicely with her skinny red belt and fabulous red heels. He also shortened the length by a couple of inches, so that it sits just above the knee.

We hope this has given you girls some ideas on how to make your dress your own!
What we love about Gok is how he can take something and give it a completely new spin. By using our vintage inspired pencil dress in a new light, he's given it very modern and sophisticated edge.

Thumbs up from the Vivien of Holloway team, Gok!

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