Monday, 8 November 2010

Strictly Come Vivien!

As huge fans of the jive and all things rock 'n' roll, it was an honour to have our dresses and petticoats featured on Sunday's Strictly Come Dancing! We've been associated with the show before, when they put Alisha in one of our swing dresses for a photoshoot... but it's nice to see them in the dancing action they do so well, on the wonderful show dancers.

Have a look!

We can't think of a more fitting choice than our halterneck circle dresses in purple polka dot, pink hearts and a cheery cotton novelty print with frothy petticoats in contrasting colours. Now's the perfect time of year to get moving and join some dancing classes to beat the winter blues into shape. And if you do, you know just where to come for the wardrobe!

1 comment:

  1. I saw that and commented about how cool the dresses were but thought they were just normal dance dresses that the costume people had made up but no - thats is so awesome!

    I'm loving the 50s style circle dress in black gingham - my cousin is getting married next year and I think I might have to save up for this dress :)