Thursday, 14 October 2010

A very vintage Halloween

As the end of October approaches, there's one date we all look forward to here at Vivien of Holloway. Halloween is the perfect excuse to get dressed up (not that we need any excuse), and really get creative. While a walk about town on All Hallows Eve will reveal an abundance of green face paint and frayed bandages, we're definitely advocates of a high glamour, vintage couture look to your costume, whether you're portraying a sexy pin-up witch, or a bloodthirsty pirate wench, wearing one of our creations will have people doing double-takes, and most definitely not recoiling in horror!

Head to our website and feast your eyes on our Luxury Halterneck circle dresses. From midnight black overlaid with gossamer tulle and glittering ghostfire, to vivid satin festooned with spiderwebs... our circle dresses are cut to fit like real vintage couture of the late 40s and early 50s. Your curves will be deadly, your cleavage killer and your waist will be positively lethal to the opposite sex!

Or choose a full skirted frock emblazoned with the Jolly Roger and be a sultry sea witch for the evening.

If you're feeling more smouldering than cute, something with a slim skirt and an air of exotic mystery is something we can do just as well.

You'll have the seven seas under your command in our Pirate sarong. This dress is the perfect mix of vintage elegance and rockabilly charm, but the skull and crossbones print prevents it from being too girly. Accessorise with a pair of pet ravens, and just like Kitten here, you'll give no quarter to any who cross you!

Last, but by no means least, if you're more of a femme fatale than a pirate captain, a slinky black satin sarong will give you more than a touch of the black widow!

We hope you have a ghoulishly glamorous Halloween, girls!


  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want the Jolly Roger dress!

  2. Just noticed your halterneck Polka dot dress in Finland's Pink Ribbon campaign! Photos can be seen: