Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sweet as a Sugababe!

We simply love it when celebrities fall in love with our clothing, and it happened again not so long ago, when pop star and Sugababe Amelle Berrabah visited our Holloway Road shop and treated herself to a few new frocks. Since then, she's been snapped in looking every inch the vintage bombshell in her 1950s Halterneck Pencil dresses. We've hit the Daily Mail, the Mirror and MSN to name but a few, and we're absolutely chuffed to bits.

Amelle's gone for three of our personal favourites, the Pirate pencil dress, the Royal Blue polka dot, both of which she snapped up recently; and an elegant Red spot version, which is the one that started her passion for Vivien of Holloway! We think she looks absolutely divine - what do you think? Should more celebrities embrace their inner vintage vixen?


  1. I'm always reading my daughter's 'Look' and 'Grazia' magazines so I'll keep a lookout for your dresses. Love it!

  2. I wore my black polka dot pencil dress to a party last night and had soooooooo many comments. They are fabulous but I want to keep you all to myself and not share you!

    I'm already choosing my next purchase ....