Thursday, 12 August 2010

Perfect late summer capris

As August passes us by and the autumn is approaching, there's still so much to look forward to. The Goodwood Revival, late season getaways to exotic climes, and, with a little bit of luck, perhaps even an Indian Summer. Whatever the rest of the month has in store, now's the ideal time to launch our very latest design. The late summer and early fall are perfect for fabulous 1950s style Capris!

These flattering stretch pedal pushers are cut to make the very most of your figure, with a close-fitting waist and shapely hips; plus eye-catching winged pockets. This authentic little detail is extremely flattering on hips of all sizes, downplaying generous curves, while creating the illusion of a more rounded posterior in those with rather less! The legs fit well, without being too tight, and they end in the cutest little cuffs. Your pins will look miles long, and your waist miniscule... you'll be keeping the temperatures soaring all by yourself!

While the sun is still shining, choose a pastel shade, such as the light blue denim, modelled to perfection by Anna Fur Laxis; or the mint green cotton twill on Ms Fleur de Guerre. When teamed with one of our versatile 40s style peasant tops and a pair of sandals, you'll stay cool while the sun is shining. And, as the temperatures start to cool, it's time to invest in something that will see you right through until next spring - a mid-sleeve blouse.

These stunning three-quarter sleeve blouses simply scream mid-century style, from 1950s rockabilly to 1960s Mad Men secretary chic, and paired with our capris, they can be casual or dressy - it's up to you! We encourage you to stock up on these late-summer items now because they're flying out of the shop fast.

Stay tuned for some rather smashing magazine appearances!

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