Monday, 24 May 2010

Your perfect colours - part 1

We love to help our customers look their absolute best, and one way to do this, is to assess their natural colouring to discover what fabric shades will suit them the most. So let's start with the basics and assess your 'type', which is given a season.

Dark haired, pale skinned lovelies are 'winters' and look simply marvellous in bright jewel tones, so choose one of our polkadot halterneck circle dresses or a vivid satin version. If you're a blonde, with a pale complexion, you're likely to be a 'summer, and a pastel toned dress or a sweet gingham is the best choice. 'Autumns' are usually fiery redheads or olive-skinned brunettes, and look fabulous in gold and emerald green numbers. Finally, typical English Roses with creamy, rosy skin and light hair are classed as 'spring', and should stick to pale yellow, ivory and white prints, and brighter orange-reds and royal blue.

Now we've got this far, the next thing to discover is your ideal red lipstick! You'll be glad to hear that finding the perfect lipstick colour is easy as pie. Stay tuned for our handy guide, which will be coming very soon!

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