Thursday, 14 January 2010

"Brigitte Bardot: The Carefree Years"

Last September Vivien was personally invited to Paris to attend the opening of the Espace Landowski’s exhibition featuring France’s most celebrated muse, Brigitte Bardot, in her 75th year.

In keeping with the theme the organisers of the exhibition, Neo Retro, dressed 2 models in VOH gingham dresses, similar to Brigitte’s own wedding dress, to meet and greet the crowds.

We asked Lady Flo from Neo Retro why she chose VOH? “For people, Brigitte Bardot's dress is the "vichy" style (gingham). She wore it for her wedding with Jacques Charrier. The dress was made by Esterel but actually was not really sexy but more a kind of country style. All the same, Bardot was such a beauty that on her it was cute and most of all stunning for a wedding dress, colourful and country style! Brigitte’s style that she was already known for was her taste for freedom, nature and spontaneity. Bardot made the "vichy" fabric iconic. I looked for a dress that captured this and the Vivien of Holloway 1950’s style halter neck circle dress was the absolute best.

Aspects of the display bear the name of a film, a song or a TV programme, form a timeline recounting the actress's life from her childhood to her espousal of the animal fights cause. The exhibition is accompanied by a special programme of films at the Landowski Cinéma d’Art et d’Essai and continues until 31 January 2010. Details at

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  1. Brigitte is my number one icon, in terms of beauty, style, commitment, well almost everything.
    I'm glad she is featured on your blog, I've been looking for ages for a vichy skirt like the one she wears in "Voulez-vous danser avec moi".