Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Imelda May’s Christmas Cheer

Our spies tell us that rock n’ roll hot ticket Imelda May will be seen wearing our Gold Dragon Sarong dress on Irelands RTE channel’s Christmas Eve special.

Check out YouTube after the event for the video and watch this space for more info on Imelda spotting.

Vivien Of Holloway wishes Imelda a very successful New Year!


  1. Imelda and Vivien of Holloway, perfect combination !
    I love your dresses ! =)

    greetings from Brazil ;)

  2. Imelda also wore a (slightly customised; ) VoH dress for her encore at the Dublin O2 show on 22 December!

  3. Thank you for posting youtube Video with Imalda May wearing Vivien of Holloway dress