Monday, 30 November 2009

Calling all Long Tall Sally’s

Special Offers on 1940’s Overalls in the Vivien of Holloway Shop

Phew! What a Rhythm Riot this year! Many thanks to Robin and Collette for yet another fab weekender. Also a big thanks to Fleur de Guerre a.k.a. ‘That Forties Girl’ for showing us all up by looking so wonderful in this month’s special offer the VOH Overalls.

Fleur was so excited about them she went straight over to Tony Nylon’s pin up studio at the Riot and had her photo taken in them. She cleverly matched the Rosie the Riveter style overalls up with a girly Vivien of Holloway gypsy top and spiffing pair of Rocket Original shoes all of which are available in the Vivien of Holloway shop at 294 Holloway Road London.

So, if you are statuesque like the lovely Fleur and find it hard to get 1940’s style trousers or dungarees to fit, you may want to drop by the Vivien of Holloway shop or call them 020 7609 8754 and take advantage of the December special offer of half price on overalls available in all sizes and a variety of factory friendly colours.

This offer is only available in the shop while stocks last. Do It For Britain Girls!

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  1. OMG, I want this! Although being a more rotund girl not sure it would suit but i would wear it with pride :)