Monday, 2 November 2009

40s Trouser Restock

Hello Ladies.

Happy November!

Just wanted to alert you to the fact that we've just had a big restock of our Fabulous 40s style trousers.

Wide legged and high waisted they're an extremely flattering cut and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Pictured opposite is the lovely Anna Fur Laxis in the denim style. As you can see they're super versatile and work as well with halter tops as with blouses.

These are the button design, we also have new stock of the anchor design for a more nautical flavour.

Click through for the rest of the range to make like Katherine Hepburn.


  1. Love the new pics! I have a pair of the trousers in red and love them; a denim pair is next on my list :-)

  2. These trousers are fab, i am not allowed to wear to much denim at work. But i am sure these would look great in some other fabrics too.