Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The New Face of Vivien of Holloway

It was a close race, and we received hundreds and hundreds of entries (thanks so much to everyone who sent us a picture, you all looked so gorgeous) but we've found our winner.

The new face of Vivien of Holloway (joining the ranks of Anna Fur Laxis, Leila Rose, Miss Malone and Anita FemmeFerale to name but a few) is Rebecca.

She's 24, and is studying English at Cambridge (brains as well as beauty)
She's a huge fan of Ms Marilyn Monroe to the extent that she uses her signature fragrance, the timeless Chanel No.5. She adores girlishness and vintage fashions and we're delighted to welcome her to the team

More news here on her up coming photoshoot!

Congratulations Rebecca.


  1. Congratulations! A well-deserved winner :-)

  2. I missed the competition, but I was so happy to see the pretty entries! Congratulations to the winner!!