Monday, 29 June 2009

New 1950s Halterneck Dresses

Vivien of Holloway has just added some gorgeous brand new designs to our already fabulous collection of 1950s halterneck dresses.

The popular polka dot dresses now come in three new colours - white/navy, white/pink and white/turquoise. They still have the same top quality tailoring as all Vivien of Holloway dresses do, but this time they are in fun new colours for summer! You could wear them on their own, or with a colourful petticoat underneath.

Also, some new designs have joined the selection of satin dresses. We have some absolutely stunning star print dresses, the navy and black designs have a delicate layer of sheer organdy fabric over the satin. They look very elegant and can be worn to any ball or party.


  1. thankyou v. much for letting me know where the pants are from, much appreciated!


    p.s your clothes are amazingly cute!

  2. Lovely collections, especially the Tiki floral dresses from a previous post.

    Been to Holloway, lovely place.

    Beautiful week.

  3. OMG I love the polka dots and full skirts ~ fabulous frocks!


  4. 50s dresses are amazing.